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I have used this diet twice in my life time, And it really works. course you gag on eggs after two weeks. And I know eggs are suppose to be bad, But I don"t believe it. It really works, and the amazing part about the diet, that after two weeks when you go off, it keeps on working for quite a while. Mayo"s two week diet

Follow the diet carefully, Not only abstaining from anything not included, but also eat what is assigned rather than doing without. No butter, salad oil, sugar or cream, Just lean meats, No sweets.

Weight loss 10 to 20 pds in two weeks. To retain loss cut down on food in general when diet period ends. The basis of this diet is chemistry and maintenance of normal energy. While reducing a change of body chemistry occurs during the process and only specified food elements should be eaten.

Diet for second week is a repetition of the first.

Monday; Breakfast - 3 eggs-grapefruit- black coffee. Lunch; 3- eggs- tomatoes- black coffee

Supper; 3- eggs- combination salad- grapefruit- 1 slice bread- coffee.

Tuesday; Breakfast-1 or 2 eggs- grapefruit- coffee.

Lunch; 1 or 2 eggs- tomatoes, grapefruit-coffee

Supper; Steak- tomatoes- lettuce-celery- olives- cucumbers- coffee

Wensday; Breakfast; 1 or 2 eggs- grapefruit- coffee

Lunch; 1 or 2 eggs- tomatoes- spinach- coffee.

supper; 2 lean pork chops or lamb chops, celery- cucumbers- tomatoes, coffee.

Thursday; Breakfast; 1 or 2 eggs- grapefruit- coffee

Lunch; combination salad- grapefruit-

supper; 1 or 2 eggs- cottage cheese- spinach- coffee

Friday; Breakfast- 1 or 2 eggs- grapefruit- coffee

Lunch; 1 or 2 eggs- spinach - coffee

Supper; steak, plenty of it. tomatoes, cucumbers- coffee

Saturday; Breakfast; 1 or 2 eggs- grapefruit- coffee

Lunch; fruit salad no sugar or dressing-nothing else

supper; fish- combination salad- 1 slice bread-coffee

Sunday; breadfast 1 or 2 eggs; grapefruit- coffee.

Lunch; cold chicken-tomatoes- grapefruit-

Supper; chicken- tomatoes- chopped cabbage- carrots- celery- vegetable soup - grapefruit- coffee.

Steak, chops and fish should be broiled or baked. Chicken can be stewed, or baked on a rack.

Combination salad should be eaten with just salt, pepper, and vingar [ no oil] Grapefruit should be fresh, Eggs can be hard boiled, or scramble in teflon pan,

I gaged my way through this twice. All I can say is it works, Drink lots of water, Its all good food, Love Irene

-- Irene texas (, January 01, 2002


opps, I left out lunch on Monday,

3 eggs- tomatoes- black coffee Irene

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@, January 01, 2002.

I remember this one, Irene. Not really from the Mayo Clinic, according to them, however. It 'works' by putting your body into ketosis. Not a good thing to do, IMO.

-- Joy F {Southern Wisconsin} (, January 01, 2002.

IMO, there's nothing wrong with putting your body in ketosis for a few weeks, although to do so does not require anything this specific. Most any proteins can substitute for the eggs in this regime.

-- Earthmama (, January 02, 2002.

Medically speaking, ketosis is a very bad thing, it is what happens to high producing dairy cows after they give birth, and sometimes they die if not treated aggressively and immediately after it appears. Heart function shuts down due to mineral imbalances and once that happens you better be close to a trauma center to get it restarted or you will die. This diet is responsible for far too many sudden deaths and a total diet and lifestyle change is a more intelligent manner to approach weight management.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, January 02, 2002.

Hi Annie,

Were those sudden deaths after eating this week for two weeks or were they possibley from diets that repeated this over and over? It just seems that the foods on here, eaten for only two weeks this way, would be healthier than what some people eat on a regular basis. For instance, someone that never eats breakfast or just has coffee, then eats a fast food lunch and fast food supper, drinks little water and lives on soft drinks. I know people that eat this way constantly. (P)Just wondering because there are fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and calcium (small amount) plus lots of water and even a tiny amount of oil (olives). It seems this would be okay to do for a short period of time.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, January 02, 2002.

I have lost 35 pounds in the last 9 months this way (maintaining at least 1900 cals per day), and lost 30 the year before. I have never looked or felt better in my life. I am now in a size 10, down from a size 16.

I did this by eating no more than 1900 calories in a day, and walking 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week. I also changed our diet- my husband has high cholesterol, so I recently switched us to low fat, low chol. We are eating a larger variety of foods, and with all the stir-frying, dinner only takes minutes to cook. The best part of this is that we still get to eat our venison! I miss the wild birds, though.

-- Dawn (, January 02, 2002.

Terry, no, I was refering to ketosis, of how dangerous that is, not just to the diet mentioned. Ketosis happens when the body is seriously deprived of glucose, the fuel that feeds the brain and heart muscle, and has to start burning protein as the sole source of energy, the waste products can kill quickly from that happening.

In and of itself, this diet is lacking in fiber, there is no measurable fiber anywhere, also, there is no complex carbohydrates, the body needs complex carbohydrates to form glucose, the above mentioned fuel the brain and heart muscle need daily to function.

Yes, you will lose weight eating these things mentioned in the diet, you will also be seriously constipated, and start feeling very tired very quickly if you routinely perform any hard work on a regular basis, especially in cold weather. This diet is a cardiologist's and internist's nightmare.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, January 02, 2002.

I remember this diet well! It was very nice of Irene to post it. As with any subject, there are many points of view. If someone wants to follow this diet, please only do so for two weeks tops. Then add some veggies and other foods. Oy vey...I remember hating eggs for years and also the constipation! LOL!!!

-- Ardie /WI (, January 02, 2002.

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