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I encoded my .avi file with Xing. But when Xing is finished with encoding, the sound is lost - graet video created but no sound.

Also tried encoding with disabeld audio pack mull - but there is the same problem - a encoded mpeg video without sound.

What can I do?

Thanks and happy new year- Ellen

-- Ellen (, January 01, 2002


Dump that Xing and use TMPGenc2.02 instead: :) Xing is one MPEG pioneer and indeed was first to provide s/w decoding of MPEG-1 on the PC but has become less visible and suspect due to different factors like: the hacked CSS of DVD was due to loopholes hackers found in Xing's DVD s/w player; it's ludicrously priced $250 MPEG-1 so-so quality encoder; and finally being swallowed up by Real Networks.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 02, 2002.

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