Mido film holder instructions??

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I just got some Mido film holders without any instructions other than those printed on the back of the rigid plastic holder you slip under the ground glass. Can anyone out there email or fax (510.217.2410) me original instructions. There are two types of flexible holders for the film sheets. One has #1 printed on one side and #2 printed on the other. The second type has a #1 printed over a #2 on each side. ?? And, can anyone tell me what this: http://www.naciobrown.com/dscn.jpg is for? TIA, njb

-- Nacio Jan Brown (njb@limn.net), January 01, 2002


Dear NJB, Mido holders are rather simple in concept and rather fiddley in practice (I use them often). I don't have my instructions near me to copy and fax, but I'll give you a quick run-down: First, grab a couple of waste sheets and practice this in the light for the first several times, and then with your eyes closed until you master it. That way you won't waste real film. As usual with things like this, it is easier done than said.

Step 1: Lay the complete holder down horizontally on a CLEAN surface. I do mine with the top to the left. Slide the holder open till the envelope catches on the white stop strip. I usually hold the outside down with a finger while doing this. It is important that you can do this in the dark without pulling the envelope completely off. It's a real pain to get them back on in the dark.

Step 2: Take a sheet of film and slide it into the holder from right to left, making sure the corners seat under the plastic strips on the left of the holder. I use finger and thumb to guide the film in the dark.

Step 3: (The tricky part) Bow the film up in the middle and, using thumb and forefinger as a guide, slide the right hand corners under the plastic strips. This is where things can get frustrating, but keep trying and you will eventually master it. Be careful not to kink the little plastic strips that hold the film down, or your holders will be even harder to load the next time

Step 4: Turn the entire assembly over without closing the envelope and repeat steps 2 and 3. Slide the envelope closed when you are finished. Voila!

To unload the holders you slide the envelope open and then bend the assemble slightly till you can get a finger or fingernail under the edge of a sheet of film to pull it loose. Don't be afraid to handle the film or bend it a bit. Just make sure your hands are clean.

Hope this helps a bit. If you are still having problems in April, contact me and I'll send you a copy of the directions. I won't be back home till then.

Regards. ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (ScudderLandreth@compuserve.com), January 05, 2002.

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