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I want to run two locomotives back to back. When I try this, they either move away from each other, or run into each other. I have them setup with the same address so I can control them with one speed setting. I am using the Atlas DCC. I am using an N scale Atlas SD60 with the preinstalled Lenz decoder and a Kato SD40-2 with the Digitrax decoder installed. I am hoping I don't need to rewire anything. What can I do to get them to move in the same direction while facing back to back? Thanks for the help.

-- Jay Reed (, December 31, 2001


I don't know if your Atlas system works like others, but if you set them to run in the same direction when you make up the consist, they should run properly. If that doesn't work, set the reversing bit in CV29.

I assume that they both run "forward" when set to run forward when they are running separately.

- gws

-- George Schreyer (, January 01, 2002.

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