Would anyone like to attend an A.M.E Today reunion?

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On another thread we have been discussing having an A.M.E Today reunion, possibly in Philadelphia. It would be a reunion, party and a time to meet face to face. It would also be a time to network and share resources. Are you interested in participating? If so would the latter part of the year work for you?

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2001


A.M.E. Today Fellowship

As my Sister if Christ, Rev. Rogers explained, this concept originated in another thread, but now has its own home. In that thread, Sister Mary Brooks suggested that at least the first A.M.E. Today Discussion Board gathering be conducted in the First Disttrict, the home of African Methodism as well as the home of A.M.E. Today.

I would consider it a privelege and a high honor to provide the logistics for the first get together;. We of course, would have to include a tour of Mother Bethel, the grave of Richard and Sarah Allen, as part of the reunion.

Also you would get to visit my little church in the country, Bensalem A.M.E. which contains one of the three known pulpits crafted by Richard Allen, from which I am priveleged to preach behind each Sunday.

Given proper notice, there is a lot to be seen and done in this neck of the woods. Sister Brooks was correct in that the First Episcopal was the first to formally acknowledge A.M.E. Today. But its birth was just a little North of town in Bensalem where it still is the ministry of Bensalem A.M.E. Church.

It would be great seeing all of the people who have been instrumental to the growth of this online community. And as the virtual pastor of the community, I gladly extended the hospitality of the founding area of A.M.E. Today for the reunion.

May God bless and keep you in what I know will be a prosperous and spiritually uplifting New Year.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2001

We have just started making preliminary plans for our A.M.E reunion and it has dawned on me, that Chuck Kinsler should be our Food Marshall, for I do hope we our going to have some serious A.M.E cooking! Since we will be coming from all over, it might be fun to bring something that is significant for our state. i.e Montana is called the treasure state, for we have gold, sapphires, rubies, garnets and mines where we can go and pan for gold and sapphires. So let's start thinking about a small inexpensive gift that represents our state that we can bring to the reunion. I love all of you! And RP you definitely have to come!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

Happy New Year to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank God for the opportunity to meet with you via this medium. Since I'm new to this bb, too, it would be so good to meet all of you face to face. I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed receiving information and the sharing of the same with all of you.

It would be nice to go to the First District where this board began, but I have to concur with Bro. Bill, come on down to the great state of Florida, where there's fishing, hunting, beaches, amusement parks of all kinds - in essence - not only can we offer you much sun and fun - but when you step onto our hallowed ground, you will know that the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Why not later this year when the Bishop's Council meets in Tampa?

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

Rev. Wiggs my only fear about going to Florida is that we would not see our Brother Bill, he would eat everyone's food, then run ofr shouting, "I losing my tan, I have to go to the beach!" And my worst fear is that Bill would be trapped on the "It's a small world" ride at Disneyworld. I just could not do that to his wonderful wife. So I for want vote for Philadelphia, I think the first district is strong enough to handle brother Bill. Plus I am hoping bill's wife can come, then we can take a train to NYC and shop. Remember Rev. Wiggs, we have to watch over our brother. And I will even pay for a tanning salon if Bill comes to the reunion. (heehee)

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

Great idea! For planning purposes, financial and other, I would prefer later in the year. We in the First District get to Philadelphia often, for all kinds of meetings but for those from other Districts having a reason to come to Philly and having a chance to visit Mother Bethel may be a nice idea. regardless, I will be making every effort to get wherever , y'all decide to go. God Bless Bro Bob

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

May I nominate TEXAS just a hop, skip, and jump from the Texas White House, Crawford, Texas.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

I think since this will be our first A.M.E Today reunion, and Rev. John has offered to help with logistics, that we meet in Philelphia, that way we can visit mother Bethel and see Rev. John's church. We will have many future reunions, and we can plan future reunions around the world. I am hoping that we can also have some of our sisters and brothers from namibia, south africa etc. join us. So may I suggest we continue discussing where we want to meet for another week and then begin the process of setting a date. Since I will be riding my horse from Montana. (Just kidding, I will be flying) I am so excited, and I can't wait for the good preaching, singing, jam session, art show, I know several of our Bishops read the discussion board, I hope everyone can come. This reunion is definitely Holy Spirit motivated. Yahoo! Praise God for A.M.E Today!

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

Rev. Denise, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your last post to me. But if you will note, I said, "try" to get the ribs to you.

I'm in agreement to take the reunion where this board began in PA.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

Ah, Ha!! I noticed on another thread, Rev. Wiggs is a great cook. So I think at our first A.M.E Today reunion we will have t0 have "A rib c00k 0ff" I v0lunteer t0 judge the ribs.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002


I formally nominate myself as Chief Grand Exalted Poobah in charge of er...um, "Quality Assurance & Control," Meat Division.  if elected, I'd mandate any entrant must submit (to me of course) a half slab to pre-qualify for the cook off, only in the interest of disallowing any substandard victuals.  Since I most likely cannot make the trek to the Keystone State, I am willing to pay for shipping and the dry ice needed to get the ribs me.

Your Team Player,

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Rev. D and Bro. Chuck, Oh, oh, the cook-off is on. In these parts, I'm known as the 'queen' of BBQ ribs (smile). Taste testers, get ready.

I do think this is a wonderful idea. Although, I've been to Mother Bethel once, it would be good to visit again. Not only that, Rev. John's church sounds like one we used to sing about when I was a child. "Come to the Church in the Wild Woods" unfortunately, I can't remember all of the words now, but the chorus began "come, come, come to the Church in the wild woods no ..." Help me out Brother Robert!

Rev. John, I'm truly looking forward to coming to the Church in the country. I love the country, I spent many summers, Christmas', and Easters in the "countries" of St. Augustine and Lake City, Florida.

These days, Bro. Bill, I spend time in the country of Havana, Fl. I know you know where that is.(smile)

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Reverend Joyce,

Laughing Out Loud! (LOL) Now you are telling people how old (you all think) I really am. Now I am not all that old, but thank God I have lived long enough to have some rich experiences and fond memories of them.

Yes, I do remember singing "The Little Brown Church" and I have not heard or thought of it in many years. So I had to dust the cobwebs for this one. And I have also passed through Havana, FL., as I have friends in Quincy.

The song has several verses but the first one and its refrain are these:

There's a church in the valley by the wildwood, No lovelier place in the dale, No place is so dear to my childhood, As the little brown church in the vale.

Oh, Come, come, come, come, come to the church in the wildwood, Oh come to the church in the dale. No spot is so dear to my childhood, As the little brown church in the vale.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

What would I do without you, Brother Robert? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Listen, that's one of the old songs my sister and I would sing when we came back home to the city after we've spent the summer in one of those countries I mentioned (smile).

Our friends would pick at us because we had been to the country. But what we learned in the country just laid another brick upon the firm foundation begun by my mother.

So, I'm looking forward to reaffirming my connection with the 'country'. And by the way, am I dating you? Does it sound like I'm dating myself as well? Oh, my goodness. I love it. God has been gracious. Look where He brought me from.

Again, thanks. I can't wait to get home to sing that to my sister.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

I just noticed the info on the possible "AME Today Family Gathering". I think it is a great idea and I support the location being PA, for the reasons stated by Rev. John as he is the "visionary". Though I am currently pastoring in Canada (and invite you all up here as well one day) my roots are in the 1st District. So, I will be looking forward to the time when we decide to get together.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

It looks like the cookin' mitt has been thrown down.

Gentlemen, and gentleladies, fire up your grill, there is a cook- off in the making!!!

To show you how country we are in Bensalem, we have a grill made out of a 50 gallen drum split in half and can hold enough chicken, or ribs, to satisfy at least 25 people just on the first cooking.

I know brother Chuck has volunteer to judge, albeit from afar, I figure we have enough lead up time to persuade him to come to the family confines of the First District. Maybe we should try for a summer date so the Floridians do not suffer two much from our changeable weather. Now Sister Denise, she will think it is warm her regardless of when we schedule!!!

As prospective host, I can either compete or, as they do in battle of the bands and the like, just put on a demonstration so no one has home field advantage but we can discuss this as it gets closer.

I can already smell the fragrance of sweet roasting ribs in my imagination.

Anybody else ready to get it on?

Rev John

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Rev. John, my marching song is ready. Brother Robert helped me get all of the verses, so I'm marching on up there with my song in my heart and my turning fork in my hand. You've got the right cooking equipment so let's just start the fire. We're coming to the Church in the vale.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Sounds Great! Keep me posted. There isn't a good time for me (work- a-holic).


-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Well we have our rib challenge taking care of at the reunion? Now what about some greens to go with it. I am hoping someone in the first district will make me some greens, after all coming all the way from Montana. I would like to have a pot of greens for myself. I am hoping by the end of next week we can set the date. Rev. Fisher maybe you can post a date that would work for you. I am really, really excited about our reunion. God Bless you all!

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

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