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Is the original shutter for one of these a Copal 0 or were they also supplied in Compur 0? I've picked up one with a partially disassembled Compur 0 (modern black) shutter, but with no aperture scale and I'm wondering if this is even an original shutter for this lens. Thanks.

-- Kevin Crisp (, December 31, 2001


Kevin, I've got effectively the same lens but as a Sinaron-W 75mm, i.e. a Rodenstock Grandagon-N 75 f6.8 and it's mounted in a Copal 0 shutter . The info is also listed in a Rodenstock leaflet I have. It gives the Compur 0 and Prontor professional 01 S as optional shutters. The minimum aperture is f45 in each of the three versions.

Hope this helps.

-- Andrew Pell (, December 31, 2001.

All Rodenstock lenses are supplied in Copal shutter unless specified differently by the buyer. Available shutters are Copal, Copal Press, Compur, Prontor Professional, Rollei and Horseman. Prontor Press and Protronic are no longer made.

All Rodestock lenses in all mechanical shutters (Copal, Compur, Prontor) are supplied with the aperture scale properly marked for the lens installed in the shutter.

All new mechanical shutters (Copal, Compur, Prontor) are supplied with blank aperture scales that need to be calibrated for the lens installed it. In addition all shutters are supplied without the shims necessary for proper spacing of the front and rear groups. As shorter lenses require more critical spacing then longer ones a qualified technician should always reinstall a lens (but especially short ones) in a new shutter. He would make sure of proper spacing to ensure optimal optical performance as well as calibrate the aperture scale.

You have a lens that was not installed in the shutter by a qualified technician, that is not calibrated and is not in a shutter normally used for the lens you have.

You should ask the supplier how it ended up in that shutter and have a qualified technician check the spacing and calibrate the apertures.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 31, 2001.

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