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I paid a visit to my local photo supply shop over the weekend. I noticed that the new Kodak single sheet readyload holders were finally available to the masses. A salesperson mentioned that there was a problem with the new holders. I was wondering if anyone out there in Large Format land could confirm the following:

The sales person said that the new holders cause fogging around the edge of the negative because the edges were "too glossy and reflective". This was especially true in bright lighting situations.

Has anyone seen this problem with the new single sheet Readyloads?

Thanks, Robert

-- Robert Ruderman (, December 31, 2001


Mine works just fine. A friend's also works fine. If there is a problem, however, I imagine that it would be easy to fix with some matt black paint and/or fine sand paper.

-- Arthur Gottschalk (, December 31, 2001.

i have put only about 400 negs through the new holder so far, but i have not had a single problem. all outdoor daylight architectural work. it seems like a great new holder to me - very solid and secure.

-- jnorman (, December 31, 2001.

Yes I have this holder and get a white fog line along the top and left and right hand side of the neg's, you can crop it out but it's a consistant pain. Would mat black paint help this situation?

-- adrian tyler (, January 01, 2002.

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