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I have converted avi clips to vcd using Tmpge nc 12a (english patch) then burnt them using Easy CD creator. When I try playing them on my DVD player (Philips DVD612S) the player gives disc error, the player states it can play VCDs?? Please could you give me help on playing these vcds????

-- Andrew (, December 31, 2001


Does it state it can play CD-R?

-- David Morrison (, January 01, 2002.

I got same problem with my Phillips DVD702, even it's able to play CD- r. You may need to go to (it crashes today Jan 03) and download VCDEasy. It will make VCD from file which already has converted by TMPGENC. It means that after you convert your video from TMPGenc, then you use VCDEasy to burn VCD on your CD-RW (not using Easy creator). Try it and good luck.

-- Canh (, January 03, 2002.

Various points to make - Avi to Vcd via Tmpeg - i suggest first running the avi file through virtual dub - i.e open video file > important - under video tab make sure direct stream is chosen not full pros. ( you will find out that you haven't changed this when you come to the final stage as it will come up with a @are you sure you want to create such a big file, or something like that..simply close and start again changing video tab to direct streaming / also important make sure under audio tab that the direct stream option is chosen. Now simply save File- save as AVI / Not 100% sure of what this does but it re-enables blocks of data and blah. ( takes no more than 5mins) Anyway, now open Tmpge and browse for avi just created does as you would normally with settings in Tmpge. Another point is get a copy of NERO ( to burn Easy CD Creator is crap for vcd's - Nero the norm. lastly, it sounds as though you may have wrong settings in Tmpge, use the templates - bottom right of Tmpge when first opened click load - it may default to templates otherwise locate in tmpgee file C/program files/Tmpge/templates.. click the appropriate one and required settings are then automatically set to run with -= Hope, something here is of help - happy burnin'

-- flushpuppy (, February 28, 2002.

can anyone tellme why my vcd's are coming out black and white on my dvd player

-- brett d (, March 18, 2003.

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