Happy New Year! Do you have any Spiritual goals for 2002

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Happy New year everyone! In a few days it will be 2002. I do not do new year's resolutions. For i learned a long time ago it is a set-up for failure. But this morning at our first service (which is held in a nursing home, and all of the members are in a wheel chair) I discussed setting spiritual goals. I love the members in our first service so much, for they truly love the lord, to watch them with missing limbs, broken bodies, chanting "God is good" is amazing. I told them about the Prayer of Jabez that members of our second service is doing as a Bible study. And they said they wanted to do the Prayer of Jabez as their spiritual goal. For me, one of my goals is to work on my latin so I can read the writing of the early church fathers in the original language. And my second goal is to learn and instrument so I can play for the lord. How about you? Do you have any spiritual goals?

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2001

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