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Little white snow flakes fall past my window, each one different. Their tiny arms twirling and swirling until they reach the ground or group together on the sill. Children run outside with glee, to put together gigantic snow men. They pack the snow together , and the snow hands clasping together to form the creature. Hard work, laughs and smiles all go into their new friend. The ingredients to this art: A carrot, some coal, some twigs and love finish up the man. What a sight for them to see! and... People are born everysingle day, each different and unique. They move about and grow until they find their place in the world. Some group together to build something great, a family, a business, a help to the world. Each put it time, love, patience and hard work , seeing it through from the ground work to the very top. Each is making it special. We can look at all the beautiful snow, glowing under the moon light, or gleaming in the sun, weither it be left alone or made into something and know this is beautiful, this is good. And we stand , each of us in our own corner of the world, made in Gods imageworking together to build something, to be something. His Son's light shining on us as we live each day, as we grow, learn, andlaugh. Sometimes just twirling and swirling our arms in the air. May we reflect His goodness.

-- jillian (, December 30, 2001


Just beautiful!

-- Melissa (, December 30, 2001.

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