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Hi all,

can anybody tell me something about the quality of the Horseman rollfilm holder 6x12 (mechanical quality, esp. film flatness)? Thanks in advance


-- Frank Thoma (, December 30, 2001


Hi Frank,

this rollfilm holder is very high quality like the other backs of Horseman. I'm using it on a Horseman 45FA with Velvia and Tmax, both high resolution emulsions and find that flatness is not the limitation of sharpness. Transport feels solid and precise. Separation of the images is nicely constant. The holder is not light nor cheap, but worth it if you compare film cost (with 4x5) and the comfort of loading and multiple shots, especially when using a finder.


-- Bert Otten (, December 30, 2001.

Without doubt a very reliable roll film holder. I use it a lot and find film flatness is without question. My 6x12 negs. seem sharper edge to edge then my 5x4 negs. Expensive it may be but IMO it's worth IT! Regards,

-- Trevor Crone (, December 30, 2001.

just a note....roll film has a thinner base than sheet film and could possibly "appear" a bit sharper for this reason....


-- George Stocking (, December 31, 2001.

Same as the first two posts. Bought the Horseman 6x12 a couple of months ago and now use it heaps due to film economy and ease of use. Love it. Holds film very flat.

-- brad cheers (, December 31, 2001.

Thank you all for your very helpful information and a happy new year.

Best regards


-- Frank Thoma (, January 01, 2002.

Frank, I operate several Horseman RFH including the 612 and 6x9 and without a doubt they are great bits of kit to use, especially compared to some other brands I tried. They are expensive, but it's only relative - compare the price to a sinar varioback or a new Mamiya RZ RFH and you'll think that the horeseman is a bargain...good shooting.

-- mark munro (, January 05, 2002.

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