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I have to do a research project on Poe in my English class and I have to analyze the poem "Eldorado". I'm not exactly sure what the poem means so I would like the opinion of someone else. Thank you for any help you can give me.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2001


Remember that for Poe the meaning is not as important as the feeling. Follow the mood of the knight questing after the lost golden land.(suggests an interest in the California Gold Rush days of 1849 and all the tales of Spanish gold). As the years dim his songs and enthusiasm, leading him to old age and despair, the Shadow appears. An emblem of approaching Death? No need to explain the symbol too much. The answer to his question ends the poem in a way that seems chilling, ominous or mocking despite the fact that the Shadow tells him to ride, boldly ride over the last mysterious, mythical obstacles. Now the man who has sought glory, treasure, etc. on a fantastic quest outside himself and the normal world reachs outside of his lonely self and receives a challenging enigma- that may be no more trustworthy than his youthful impulse. In his his present state, if he rides again his spirit is likely to be that of the more typical Poe hero beset in his wild defiance by a dark and absolute fear tinged with despair.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

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