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hey pplz who happen to be obsessed with LotR... i found a site where you can learn Quenya... and that's pretty kewl right? anyways, here's the url:

although i must say, this guy had way too much time on his hands and if you really want to spend countless hours reading ALL of his rubbish, go right on ahead... and trust me, you dont have to read the introductory thingy, i did and it doesnt really help that much... and i suggest that you download the first thing (lessons 1-5) so you know how to pronounce and stuff and then just down load the vocabulary... cuz then you can print that off and its only like 15 pages (as opposed to 57!!! well the first 5 lessons add to that...) and get some index cards and learn that way... english on one side, quenya on the other.... and by the way, IF ANY OF YOU DO THIS>>> AND UNDERSTAND IT, PLEASE EXPLAIN THE "E" TO ME CUZ I'M LOST... like if its at the end of a word does it make the vowel in front of it speak its name even if its not marked to or is the "e" silent? hm........

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2001

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