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I have recently moved to Mamaroneck(New York)and I am a digital artist but I have a 4x5 Super Speed Graphic camera. I am interested in assisting a photographer (for free) on weekends so that I can become more familiar with large format photogaphy and especially the operation of 4x5 cameras. Please contact me if you can be of assistance. For your information, I attach my digital art website. I realize this work is very different from working with large format photography and I am very keen to learn about my Graflix camera. I look forward to your response, Enthusiastically, Manuel http://www.invisible.20m.com/index.html tantra33@optonline.net 914 8356576

-- Manuel Rodriguez (tantra33@optonline.net), December 29, 2001


For Gosh sakes, Manual, you've made your point. Now go away.

I hope you can handle a camera better than you can handle this COMPLICATED computer program!

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), December 29, 2001.

manuel - you will have better luck by going to visit some photographers and studios in person. select some of the larger studios who do the kind of work you might be interested in. do some homework, and find out who the clients are at these studios, and what some of their major projects are, so you can be familiar with the work the studio does. good luck - the market is pretty tight, so it helps to persevere.

-- jnorman (jnorman34@attbi.com), December 29, 2001.

Congratulations on having moved to Mamaroneck (New York) four times. This is undoubtedly the world's record .

-- Wayne Campbell (wtcamjr@aol.com), December 29, 2001.

Manuel, Ignore the wiseasses. I would rather have Alec go away than you, who have asked a sincere question. It sounds to me like assisting for a professional commercial photographer is NOT the way to go (yet), since you have no experience. Folks, I think what he is asking for the chance to go along with a patient teacher-type on her/his weekend shooting excursions. He could help you carry equipment and block traffic in exchange for watching you work.

Manuel, if you can't find that kind of arrangement, look for LF workshops in New York. And get Steve Simmons' great book, "Using the View Camera."

-- Sandy Sorlien (sand44@mindspring.com), December 30, 2001.

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