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i seem to have a problem making menus in nero, (with out menus my vcd works fine) but when i make a menu my dvd player wont open it, it just shows the standard start up screen, and wont advance, it says press play to begin movie, and when you press play it just flashes and takes you back to the same screen. any sugestions? im using nero 5.535

-- ryan gibson (, December 29, 2001


I've had very limited success making menus with Nero, and haven't found a significant advantage with Roxio either (of course. . .); I don't want a simple menu! I'd like to create a menu that is DVD- like, with button changes when pre-selected, etc., but haven't a clue where to find a program to do it.

Have you tried the track-forward and track-backward buttons on your remote?

-- Kenneth (, January 04, 2002.

I think I have come across that problem before. Double click on your menu file, and it will take you to properties or attributes, change "infinite" to "seconds" and put any number in there. I think that should work. If it is on infinite, it just stays on that same page. Also, when adding sevearl video files, make sure infinite is changed to seconds in between the chapters. Hope this helps!

-- kelly owens (, January 04, 2002.

I had the same problem untill I pushed the "1" on my remote controll on the first page (I made a menu-page with nero). When I am on page 3/5 and I will start from there with photo 32; it doesn't work. Besides that, I can't place more series on the CD. A possibillity to make a choise (c.i. holiday - wedding - christmas) and then starting Your pictures would be nice I think). I keep on trying; If I find a solution I let You know.

-- (, January 05, 2002.

You have to use your number buttons to select the clips. If you select to have the item text shown, it will number each item on the disc, and then you select clips by using the numbers on your remote. Once the clip begins to play, you can use traditional skip forward buttons to get to the rest of the tracks.

-- Ashley Everett (, February 22, 2002.

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