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Suggestions please-------I have a 2 1/4 color trannie which needs minor Photoshop work. I wish to have a black & white negative from the photoshoped color trannie. I wish to have a b/w negative to print onto Luminos paper to later hand color.

What are the steps necessary via a pro lab to do the above???? thank you

-- RAymond A. Bleesz (, December 29, 2001


Hi Raymond... let me rephrase your question: you have a 2 1/4 color trannie, 1. you scan it and you want to turn it into a BW file... 2. you want to have a BW negative from the same color trannie in order to print it the traditional way (in your darkroom)... ... 1. make a duplicate of your it in Photoshop. go to Mode--> Grayscale... that's it... 2. now you have more choice here...either you can make a duplicate of your trannie using BW film...or in Photoshop make all the tonal corection you want save it and bring the file to a service bureau that will make a new BW negative for you or you can make yourself using you own printer with the appropriate transparencie medium...

hope this help...otherwise email me direct for more info...and good luck

-- dan n. (, December 29, 2001.

Basically, you have hit upon a great stumbling block in our Brave New Digital World-it takes an expensive, high specs, hard to find imagesetter to output a decent negative from a digital file for contact printing, let alone enlarging. Check out Dan Burkholder's site ( and the LensWork Quarterly site, where its Special Editions prints are a traditional-digital-traditional process. Right now, Ofoto (Kodak owned) can take a JPEG and produce a fine print on glossy DuraLife paper-the paper is exposed, as I understand it, by a laser enlarger. Unfortunately, no one that I know of seems interested in printing at the consumer mass market level to matte paper-let alone exposing fiber base paper by laser enlarger-although I am sure it could be done amd produce stunning results. Your best bet-get the best print you can of your new file-by inkjet or on photo paper from Ofoto, Shutterfly, et. al., then make a copy of it onto film. Any

-- David Stein (, December 29, 2001.

Have a drum scan made of your transparency, do your Photoshop work and then output to B&W negative film via a film recorder. What size neg do you want to work from? That will determine what resolution scan to have made. Probably the bigger the better - if you have a 4X5 enlarger make a 4X5 neg. Talk with the people who will do the work, tell them what you're doing, its not uncommon. There are a number of bigger labs around the US that can do this for you. I'd suggest you use the same one to do the scanning and film output.

You'd could use an imagesetter to make an enlarged contact negative. Thats another way to get your print. Dan Burkholder's method is a good idea for this.

-- Henry Ambrose (, December 29, 2001.

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