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I've been getting tired of washing prints in trays of late and wondered on what are the best archival print washers around out there.I do 5x7 to 20x24 and there a washer that will do all the size prints or is it best to get two... a 8x10 model and a 20x24" one? And what about a 16x20 model and curl the edges of a 20x24" print to fit? I've seen the Versalab web looks good it? Any advice will be much appreaciated! Thank you, and Happy New Year!

-- Emile de Leon (, December 28, 2001


I have the versalab model 16x20. I'm happy with it. They make an adapter for 20x24 but I haven't used one. Versalab is a real value for the money.

-- John Kasaian (, December 28, 2001.

I think my Eco-Wash 16x20 is just great. It uses very little water which I recycle into the plants outside. I have not tried folding over a 20x24" but apparently it can be done. They do make a 20x24" model. In my 16x20 I wash all sizes and I have no complaints and it seems to be well built.


-- Scott Jones (, December 29, 2001.


I have the 11 x 14 Versalab and have been very happy with it. It does, however, take up a lot of room.

-- Dave Karp (, December 29, 2001.

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