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Hi all,

I've used infrared HIE B&W with 35mm for a number of years and I'm about to try it out with 4x5 film. I presume the same techniques, processing, etc, would be the same as in 35mm, but any tips on differences in exposure or processing, or techniques which have worked well for you, would be appreciated. Also do you notice any advantages to using the larger neg size over 35mm?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Peter Brown

-- Peter L Brown (, December 28, 2001


Peter, I thought Kodak stopped making the 4x5 HIE.

-- Sandy Sorlien (, December 28, 2001.

Well Sandy, the dealers here in Australia are still selling it in both 35mm and 4x5. The 35mm I've been using is from my freezer stock but I'm sure that it's still around. I'll have to check next week.

This is from the current price list of one of the Aust stockist's web site I looked at today:

Kodak KK1692086 HIE INFRA RED 135-36 $15.17

Kodak KK1713015 HIE INFRA RED 10.2X12.7 (25) $48.88

Maybe that's the last lot?

Kind regards

Peter Brown

-- Peter L Brown (, December 28, 2001.


Yes it seems you were right - this is from Kodak's web site:

KODAK High Speed Infrared Film (HSI) Note: Discontinuance of Sheet Format KODAK Speed Infrared Film / HIE / 4143

Due to declining photographer usage and demand, sheet sizes of KODAK High Speed Infrared Film / HIE will be discontinued when current supplies run out. We anticipate this will occur near the end of 2000.

Items to be discontinued are: CAT No. Film Code Size (inches) 171 3015 4143 25 sheet 4 x 5 171 3056 4143 25 sheet 8 x 10Note: KODAK High Speed Infrared Film will continue to be available in 35 mm format

It would seem therefore, that the stock still being sold in Australia will soon run out. Perhaps I'd better buy some and stockpile it.

Thanks for the "head's up"!

Kind regards

Peter Brown

-- Peter L Brown (, December 28, 2001.

Maco IR is available in 4x5. From what I've read, it's a good substitute for Kodak HIE.

-- Erik Asgeirsson (, December 28, 2001.

macco doesn't come close to HEI

-- bigmac (, December 29, 2001.

Doesn't matter since the Macophot 820c IR is all we sheet film shooters have now.

-- Andre Noble (, December 29, 2001.

You may find some light leakage from either the holders or from the bellows of your camera. Infrared light can penetrate both. Bob

-- Bob Moulton (, December 30, 2001.

I came across a place that says that they still sell it. It's ProPhoto in Irvine, CA. The person who e-mailed me said they sell it by special order only, and also sell it on glass plates. I haven't had any additional e-mails yet as I asked for more details, like cost and minimum order and the like.

-- Diane Maher (, January 03, 2002.

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