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I have an old model F-1 that was ordered directly from Japan which I just inherited. It has been recently overhauled and seems to work fine. Now I need to find a flash that will work for it. Since it does not have a hot shoe adapter, where can I get a flash for this model??

I live in Sacramento Ca if you know of a local shop, but the internet will work as well.


-- Dan Bocinski (, December 28, 2001


G'day Dan,

I'm not sure if you already know what flash and adaptor you need for the F-1.

If not, you'll need the Speedlite 133D flash and the Flash Coupler L hotshoe to mount it on. The flash coupler slides over the film rewind knob.

All I can suggest as to finding one is trawl the internet.


-- NikB (, December 31, 2001.

The thing you are looking for is a Flash-adapter F. Then you wan't a flash that measures distances instead of light: 244T, 277T or a 299T.

-- Řyvind Dahle (, February 28, 2002.

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