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How many persons are actually seeking Episcopal Honors? There should be a limit on how many times and how long one is permitted to seek this office. Many are running with no hope of ever getting elected. This is synonmous with a treadmill, in other words, getting nowhere fast. How many candidates quailfy as being on the campaign "treadmill?" I am interested to find out.

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2001


I know of one person who ran five (5) general conferences in a row, for twenty years straight. That person finally won. Each time that person ran they learned more, made more contacts and began to get their name in the hearts and minds of the delegates. With each run, that person stated that they learned from past mistakes. There is another Bishop that only ran one time and won after the first try. I guess people should be allowed to continue to run as many times as they have the money and patience to run. The age cut off will eventually halt their ability to run after a while. Since there will be so many openings in 2004, I am assumming that there will be many, many people running. Some will even begin candidacy at the last minute due to the urging of their collegues.

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2001

Bro. Allen, The race is not to the swift but unto those who endure to the end. I believe that it is an issue between the candidate, God, their family, church family and friends as to how long they should hold on. My prayers are with the class of 2004. I hope to be in that number.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2001

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