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My Panasonic RV30 does not play PAL VCDs correctly. The picture appears stretched vertically. I played with all the settings on the DVD player but no luck.

How can I fix it ?


-- ande (, December 27, 2001


Publish your Complain in International Papers so others may know...Unvailing the Panasonic BAD SIDE OF THEIR products. I was a Victim too: 2 years ago I bought Brandnew Panasonic Sophia TV 21",after 3 months of my normal use (5-hrs./day) I had it repair already for many times...IT'S GUD DEM AUDIO... is the Problem.I demand replacement from the Vendor But Until Now Nothing Happens...SO from now on,I Bowed NOT to buy any Panasonic Product again unless they will replace my Damage Reputation...I calling all my workmate too about it!!!

-- bobee.a.garces (, February 07, 2002.

yeah man, seriously, panasonic is great, just dont buy a tv with the speakers built in, we must have the same tv, the speakers are OKAY but if you get a channel with some clean sound the trebble just freaks and sizzles hssssssSSSSSTTSSSSSSsssssh

-- Matt (, April 23, 2003.

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