Difference between rebel 2000, rebel 2000 qd and 2000 date

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I am looking to purchase a canon rebel body and have found three different body types online. I have found the rebel 2000, and 2000 QD and 2000 date, each price is different, however each discription is basically the same. Can someone please explain what the real difference is between these products?

-- Ray Tamblyn (rct5@prodigy.net), December 27, 2001


The EOS Rebel 2000 QD is simply the Rebel 2000 with a date-printing back. This feature, which cannot be added later, superimposes the current date in the corner of each picture you take. It's perfect for marking snapshots with the date or wrecking nice photos with ugly text in the corner. References to "2000 date" are presumably just the 2000 QD misnamed, I would guess.

-- NK Guy (tela@tela.bc.ca), December 27, 2001.

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