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I have a very old silver plated cream pitcher from the Leighton Cafeteria in San Francisco. Am trying to find out any information regarding this establishment.

-- Melanie Hylton (, December 27, 2001


Any more context there? Does it have a label that says that? Is there anything else on it?

I came up blank searching Leighton + cafeteria + san francisco. There is a Leighton who's a prominent Zen priest, but I doubt he's running a cafeteria.

Would you take an off the wall allusion to "Identity Crisis" from Star Trek TNG? Probably not ......

-- Miss Rosa (, December 28, 2001.

Hi Melanie,

The Leighton Cafeteria was just one of many downtown cafeteria's in San Francisco in the early part of the last century. It was located at Powell & Market Street's. A postcard in my collection shows Al Morris and his Leighton's Cafeteria Orchestra. The back of the card says "Leighton Cafeterias are located in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. 99% of the stock in The Leighton Industries Inc. is owned by the employees of the corporation, and they receive 99% of the profit." A photograph of this postcard appears on page 46 of the book "San Francisco Golden Age Postcards" published by Windgate Press of Sausalito, in 2001.

-- Glenn Koch (, January 01, 2002.

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