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Is anyone aware of design information to build an 8X20 back to convert an 8X10 camera to the larger format?

-- tim kimbler (gandy2@gte.net), December 27, 2001



I just recently built a very crude but functional back just as you describe. It's ugly, not a spring back (the filmholder is clamped in to place after removing the ground glass frame) and very bulky. It sits on the rear extension rail of a Kodak 2D 8x10 camera and is basically a box that mates with the Kodak 2D's back opening and extends back about 12 inches to the homebuilt wooden 8x20 back. A 19" Ronar vignettes about an inch or so at the edges of the 8x20 film (needs more extension away from the 8x10 back) while a 14" Dagor works ok. I plan to rebuild this contraption to look pretty and have a intermediate bellows instead of the semi-flexible cardboard and duct tape box I have now between the 8x10 back and the 8x20 back.

This was a "proof of concept" experiment. Maybe you can design and build something far better than I can!

-- Linas Kudzma (lkudzma@compuserve.com), December 27, 2001.


I started shooting 8x20 about nine years ago with a korona back mounted onto an 8x10 raja focusing bed. It was ugly, but it worked. When I bought my wisner about three years later I bought an 8x20 back to go along with it.

Its prettier and has better movements, but the hybrid 8x20 I could do anything with. I even drilled a hole in the base of the focusing bed so I could attach another tripod mount. With the second anchor point I could place the camera into a verticle position. I wisk I had shot more verticles before I sold the camera.

I guess I could drill a hole in the base of my wisner.... no I just can't bring myself to do that.


-- George Losse (glosse@netaxs.com), December 28, 2001.

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