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I want to create a photo album on a Video CD. For this i did all the compilation with NERO , compilation goes fine , it even creates all the typical folders (CDi/VCD/Segment/MPEGAV) but when i try to run the cd on my cd-player the player doesnt recognize it at all . Well i also try to run this created cd with Window Media Player it gives some error saying " Class Not Created " . Please suggest any solution to handle this problem.. Thanks.

-- Parag Bansal (, December 27, 2001


I have a few suggestions, but they may not help. There is a guide to making photo VCDs at in the English section. You could check it to make sure you didn't leave out a step. It is possible that whatever you are playing it on does not play CD-R media. If that is the case, there is no solution for this except to buy a player that does play CD-R media. I have no idea why Windows Media Player gave you this error, but I have never made a photo VCD. There is DVD player compatibility list at that might help you determine if your player supports CD-R media. However, if you are using a VCD only player, I should warn you that there is a very good chance that your player simply doesn't support CD-R media. CD-R support requires a second laser beam designed to read these discs and many manufacturers don't put a second laser in their players to save money.

-- Jason (, December 27, 2001.


-- army (, January 30, 2002.

You could try MediaBrowser from Arcsoft. Pls visit Arcsoft website for downloading.

Good Luck !

-- SY Chai (, March 18, 2002.

Are you just trying to burn still photos to a cd that can be shown on your pc? If so, you needn't create a vcd at all. Use Nero and just burn the jpgs as a "data" cd, not a "video" cd. Then you can just view the jpgs using whatever viewer program you have (if you don't have one, download Irfanview - its free and excellent; and make sure you "associate" your jpegs with that program under "My computer", "View" "Folder options" "File types".

Now, you should also be able to create this as a vcd that will play on your computer (windows media player should definitely work) and on your dvd player through your tv, if your dvd player plays vcds.


-- Davia M. Love (, March 19, 2002.

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