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This has been a year we will never forget. A time of evil and lost for many. But through it all God has been in control and still rules this earth. There will be many lists, man of the year, best movie, most influential person etc. But I think it important for us as Christians to reflect on the moments "We felt God's hand on us and the church" Let's make our Christian end of year list for fun. 1.) Who do you think was the most influential Christian this year? 2.) What movie expressed Christian themes 3.) What was the best gospel album 4.) What Christian book touched the world this year. You can answer all the questions, or one or some. There are no right or wrong answers. Just want us to have some fun.

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001


Since I am on vacation and considered by my peers as the quintessential "fun" guy, I would like to make the following nominations:

1. Most influential Christian for 2001 - Pope John Paul [non fun or pun here]

2. Movie [2001] that best expressed Christian themes - Shrek; this movie was quite interesting by conveying the messages of love, friendship, self-esteem in an entertaining way. Must see for everyone.

3. Best Gospel Album for 2001 - Donnie McLurkin, Live in London. The selection, "The Presence of the Lord is Here", is simply superb!!

4. Most influential Christian Book 2001 - The Prayer of Jabez

Sure wish I could remember how Jerryl and Chuck explained posting in different color, html and fonts before responding to this thread. I suppose I should claim the dubious nomination of failure to respond to sound advice in 2001 :-) QED

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

Brother Bill I am glad you are on a much needed vacation. And you always provide wonderful sound advice. It is a joy to have a professor of economics who loves the lord on this BB. I agree with you on the Prayer of Jabez. It is great reading your selections in the other categories as well.

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

The most influential Christian this year to me has been Rev. Denise Rogers. At times, we get "off track" in regard to what is really important within our Zion, but Rev. Rogers has a way of getting us back on track.

There are many, many negative words that come via A.M.E.-Today"s Discussion, but she knows how to turn the bitter and the gall into sweetness. She is a wonderful "cyber-sister!"

I thank God for the opportunity to read her words on a daily basis.

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2001

My wonderful sister Barbara, thank you so much for your kind and generous words. And I give all the glory to God. I wish there were words that could adquately describe how much I love all of you! It gets lonely in Montana during the winter for there is a lot of snow and having my A.M.E family is one of the many blessings God gives me everyday. Every step I have taken God has cleared a path for me. I personally think that all Christians are the most influential! For we are the disciples of Christ. I hope we will realize that God is doing some supernatural, and powerful things on this discussion board. Let us keep our hands open for the many blessings that he wants to give us. And Barbara I want to thank you publicly for the beautiful, brand new hymnals that you bought for my church. I pray that God will bless you a thousand times over for your generosity to a small church in Bozeman, Montana. Jesus is alive and well and reads our discussion board!!!!;-)

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2001

1. Most influential Christian - John Maxwell. Many Christian leaders read his books on leadership and running a church. With that many Christian leaders reading his material, he's bound to be influential.

2. Movies - I don't watch many. My vote goes to the Veggie Tales videos. I'm an addict and intend to remain so. This year they released "Lyle the Kindly Viking". A classic.

3. Gospel album - I don't listen to much. I prefer the praise and worship genre, with anything by Hillsong Australia in the lead. In 2001 they released a great CD entitled "You Are My World". Not their best in my opinion, but still very good. "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth" and "In the Shadow of Your Wings" still hold the records for me.

4. Christian book - "Prayer of Jabez" certainly. By the way, I tried it and it works. Also "God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney. It changed my whole view on what the Christian life should be. It continues to do the same for many all over the world.

Please let me add that this year I took a huge step forward spritually by taking part in the Cleansing Streams program, and for that reason 2001 will always be a special year. As its name implies, it's a program to clean up the back closets of a Christian's life so that he/she can be "cleansed for the Master's use." It's basically a deliverance course. After weekly classes running 4 months it's capped by a 2 day retreat. Be prepared for the supernatural. Demons WILL manifest...and they WILL be defeated.

This program will do wonders for ANY Christian no matter how mature. I THOUGHT I knew about spiritual warfare until I saw the retreat staff in action. The altar workers go through two years of training, so that's an indication of the quality of ministry offered in Cleansing Streams. Get your congregations involved or go by yourself. It'll launch you, and in our case our church to a whole new level. Check out the website at

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

RP one of my gifts that I loved the best in 2001 came from you! thanks for turning me on to Hillsong, they are amazing and I love their music. So thank you so much. You are right about the Prayer of Jabez it is transforming. My church started it as our advent study and we are using it for our nursing home ministry. By the way Rob my Bishop John Bryant has recommended that his district the fifth district do this prayer. One last thing do you have any more recommendations for praise music?

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

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