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The day after Christmas is a day filled with gratitude and awe for our God and his son Jesus Christ. I am so happy and thrilled to be a pastor in the A.M.E denomination. For to serve God is my heart's desire. Being the new kid on the block has been interesting. And I have received more love from being A.M.E than all my years as a pastor in another denomination. It is easy to overlook what is good and go immediately to what is bad and focus only on that. But scripture tells us to encourage one another. I want to thank our wonderful Bishops for all the hard work that they do. I especially want to thank my Bishop, Bishop John Bryant and Rev. C for welcoming me and my daughter into the A.M.E family. They have treated our small church in Montana as if we have thousands of members. My Bishop takes the time to write our congregation, prays for us, and guides us. I want to thank the laity of our denomination, who "are the body of Christ" and keeps the faith strong! Without you there is no church. Thank you laity for showing up on Sundays, proclaiming the good news and giving so generously. Thank you clergy for working 40 plus hours as a laborer of God! Thank you for caring for those around you. And thank you father God for your continued protection of the A.M.E church, we have not died out, we are still here, through slavery, depression, KKK, jim crow, and other obstacles, we are still here because of your protection. We love you wonderful creator God and ask that you bless every Christian and keep the A.M.E family as a unity working only to glorify you. Please take this time to thank your Bishop, lay, or clergy.

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

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