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I ve down loaded various formats of converting software (TMPGEnc & Flaskmpeg) and convert the files with no problems, but when i gpo to burn it with nero i get a message saying its invalid and that i need a mpeg one, bla bla bla, then it asks me if i wanna re encode it and if u click yes it wont re encode it for u, it just gives you some message saying it cant do it bla bla bla. can any one tell me how to make a vcd in the most simple basic terms? if you could, can u please tell me what soft ware i need and what web site it can be found on? Thanks

-- ryan gibson (, December 26, 2001


Hi ryan!

open tmpgenc and load the captured video file(browse video source). click the load button--> go to the directory "../tmpgenc/template"--> choose the VideoCD(NTSC).mcf file. Now you can click the start button. hope this helps


-- steve egarter (, December 26, 2001.

You can convert the DAT file in your VCD under MPEGAV directory to MPEG-1 file with VCDGearGUI (you can download from Internet).Run Nero and drag and drop all the MPEG-1 files that you saved in your harddisk and execute "WRITE CD" command.

That's simple...Good luck !


-- SY chai (, December 28, 2001.

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