Why would this not work?

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I'm only shooting 6x9. I see the older folders like the Ross 820 and wonder why I couldn't remove the lens mount it on a board and use it for my Galvin. Why is that not a good idea? Ross also has a 75mm would that work?



-- Joe Lacy (jmlacy1@attbi.com), December 26, 2001


Joe: A lens is a lens is a lens and doesn't care what it is mounted on. The lenses on the old folders will work within limitations. Most were three or four element designs and you may find you run out of coverage if you use much movement of the lens board. Some of the old lenses which were based on the tessar formula can be quite sharp at smaller aperatures. Give them a try for general photography. Use a lens shade, as many of the lenses are not coated.


-- Doug Paramore (Dougmary@alaweb.com), December 26, 2001.

For quite a few years I used the uncoated 135mm f/4.5 Tessar from a nice German folder on my Calumet 4x5. The lens board was just a few pieces of matte board glued together. Results were excellent, but obviously coverage was limited. You'll have to watch your swings and tilts, use a lens shade, and work well stopped down, but this is a very viable solution.

-- Conrad Hoffman (choffman@rpa.net), December 26, 2001.

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