looking for 8x10 enlarger head design...

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hi, a while ago, i saw / found there was a wed which had a drawing design for 8x10 enlarger head. But i could not find it now.. Does anyone has any idea what web am i talking about? please let me know..

i am going to build a 8x10 cold-light head convert to my camera. any suggestion?

thanks Merry X'mas


-- Jeff Liao (jliao66@aol.com), December 25, 2001


Jeff, The Cameramakers list has recently had information on this subject. Go to: http://rmp.opusis.com/pipermail/cameramakers/ and look at December 2001 by Thread.


-- Leonard Robertson (leonard@harrington-wa.com), December 25, 2001.

Try this: http://www.infomaniac.ch/~bonavolt/enl8x10.htm

-- John Kasaian (www.kasai9@aol.com), December 25, 2001.

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