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I have a 199a speedlite that does nothing. Does not turn on, makes no noise, etc. Was purchased near same time of my Canon A-1, aprox 1979 in Germany. The 199A has never been dropped, never been subjected to any misuse, etc. Just one day stopped working when I went to use it. Any suggestions on what might be wrong and easy way to fix it or some where reasonable and honest in estimate and repair would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who respond.

-- Gregory Claude Telian (teliangt2@juno.com), December 24, 2001


Try new batteries after cleaning the contacts(Metal tabs that touch the batteries) Use pencil eraser, fine sand paper etc.

-- David Presson (davpress@hotmail.com), December 24, 2001.

Thank you David. At first after I read your suggestion, I said to myself, 'I did that a long time ago'. Well, I decided what the heck, tried it again although the inside contacts looked very clean and the battery compartment contacts did not look all that bad. With a pencil eraser I did all contacts. I am so glad I did. Put a BIG SMILE on my face!!! So thanks again so much. Works just like it use to. The unit is whole again. Also thank you for such a quick response. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year Gregory Telian

-- Gregory Telian (teliangt2@juno.com), December 24, 2001.

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