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Again I need you help. What is the ideal flash for Leica R7. I have a SF20 Flash for my M6TTL and i have no idea if this works with R7. But then I am more inclined to use a flash with the R7 with a bounce etc. Metz as suggested on previous threads is a very good flash for Leica but which model? Thanks again, hope you have a Leica Happy Christmas. Cheers!

-- edgaddi (, December 24, 2001


Unforuntately the SF20 does not work TTL on the R7. Since you have the M6TTL which requires an SCA-3000 or 3002 series module (3501 or 3502) and those flashes can also accept the SCA-351 module required by the R7, your choices in new Metz units are the 32Z2, 32MZ3 and 54MZ3. The decision would be based on features of each and how they appeal to you. The recently-discontinued 40MZ-series are also great flashes.

-- Jay (, December 24, 2001.

I've been using the 32MZ3 for a few months and am very happy with it. I has all the features I need, good power, bounce, swivel plus a lot of electronics (flash confirmation, state of battery indicator, etc). I replaced a Vivitar 285 with the Metz and really find that the low-slung design of the Metz feels good in the hand, more so than the old 285 did. For this reason I liked it more than the 54MZ I tried in the store.

-- Bob Todrick (, December 24, 2001.

Jay and Bob thanks for the information, I would go for the Metz 32mz3 which I can use both on the R7 and the M6TTL with different sets of module as Jay have said. The SF20 i feel has a limited flash capability and would not really suit for the R7.Thanks again for the help.

-- edgaddi (, December 28, 2001.

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