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Hi, I need to get the hotshoe on my 277T speedlite replaced. The last one cracked and a repair guy tried to rebuild it. It's not working out as the repaired piece on the shoe can't take the stress. I own a T70 and either need to get the 277T fixed or buy a compatible flash (that will work in automatic mode with the T70). Please advise. Thanks.

-- PJ D'Aoust (, December 23, 2001


Hi, Other fully compatible flashes to go with Canon T70 is Speedlite 244T and 299T. For 244T you can't set F.No manually on the flash. On the other hand 299T has all the features of 277T plus many more. Guide Number of 299T is also higher than 244T.

I recommend 299T with your T70. If you cant find 299T you may use any 'A' or 'G' series flashes. In that case you will have to select F.No. manually on flash.

Should you want to discuss further you may address me I will be happy to help.


-- Minhaj A. Rajee (, January 10, 2002.

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