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What is your experience with the new PENTAX camera MZ-S ? Pro / contra Price/quality ratio? Which autofocus lens (no powerzoom) between 24 and 80 or 105 mm could be adviced as the best choice? Could a lens made by for ex. Tamron or Sigma be a good solution (lower price for a similar quality) and can in this case all the functions of the camera be used?

-- Van den Bulcke Etienne (, December 23, 2001


So far, so good... got a MZ-S since a week & I'm delighted (just need to adapt to autofocus, I'm coming from a all manual world). The construction is robust, all my lenses are compatible (Soligor 19-35mm, Pentax 35-80mm, Sigma 100-300mm). I've got a 880 Euro deal (body), here in Dublin. The only black spot I've found, so far, is the focusing point selection...

-- Pierre Jolivet (, February 21, 2002.

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