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I´m using a Desktop Editing system to author Video CD´s, but I have a lot of trouble doing it.

I use TMPGEnc to encode the material (Audio and Video separated), then I use Video MUX to obtain a bunch of .mmd files and use it in Video CD 2.0 Toolkit.

I create de Image and I use a software called toc split to convert the cd image to a .cue file and then burn it with NERO 5.5

A couple of problems here

I get just nothing after intro and menu screen when playing in my settop DVD player (I designed the title if you press a number you´ll be seeing a chapter). And the documentation says that my player supports VCD 2.0

There´s no sound!!! I´ve checked the multiplexed files (*.mmd) and there are as big as the source files together.

Any solutions out there?

I apreciatte your help, ´cause I need to deliver some work for a client (new doing this).



-- Ulises Bravo (, December 22, 2001


There are a few things you should note: The CD-image VCDToolkit produces will only be accepted directly in such CD- burning applications like Gear and WinOnCD. Nero is not explicitly mentioned in the Toolkit documentation, which is not surprising considering it's a more than five-year old program designed for Windows 95, and Nero was then either not well-known yet or even out. Nero can accept cue files, okay, but those are not what it was really designed for. Unless you are using the latest Nero, ( earlier versions have a lot of bugs where VCD menus are concerned. For example, similar to what you mentioned, after choosing a selection from the menu it just stops right there. Or, assuming you were able to go to a selection, pressing NEXT or PREV on the remote doesn't lead to anything: the present selection plays on. And many others... Lastly, if you are going to make money out of it, at least get, say, VideoPack5 ($400, but hey, it's business) so you can even have an upward path towards DVD- authoring.

-- M. Tekdemir (, December 23, 2001.

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