White Christmas?

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The local weather says we just might have a white Christmas. Hard to believe, as it was nearly 60 today, and the kids were out in thier shirtsleeves playing ball and riding bikes. The last hour though-about three, central, its really clouded over and the wind has kicked up-it has a bite to it! I got up early-at five and it was gorgous out- frosty and clear-I kept thinking of "O, Holy night, the stars are brightly shining!"

Finished my shopping-I don't plan to go out again for days.We have lots of folks coming in, though so I hope the roads stay clear-we don't have snow accumulation problems, we have the it hangs just around freezing problem so we have icy roads, but not much snow. I hope all of you who are traveling or expecting people have safe journeys.

-- Kelly (Ksaderholm@yahoo.com), December 22, 2001

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