Did Edgar Alan Poe kill his wife?

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Did Edgar Alan Poe kill his wife and put her body in a wall in his house?

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2001


My dear, I see where you have erred in your question, but I am glad to see that you have made to inquire. No, he did not kill his wife, as tuberculosis claimed her in her relative youth. He loved her more than perhaps any mortal was meant to love. The notion of entombing her in a wall after her being murdered must be bred from his short story entitled "The Black Cat." It was in this tale that he, in a single instant, became enraged when his wife prevented him from killilng the black cat which had drawn him further into the recess of madness. He drew back the ax and "buried it in her brain" and she "fell dead upon the spot without a groan." To elude his crime being detected, he walled her up so that none would ever find her, as her absence would certainly arouse suspicion. I will not divulge the end to this tale, as it is truly a brilliant conclusion, as his so characteristically are. I do hope that this has proved an adequate answer to your question.

All Respects and Regards

-- Anonymous, December 23, 2001

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