Well its all off to Crown Court

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Aparently the case need to be held at my local friendly Crown Court, I can only imagine the legal fees involved in this. Does anyone else have an experience of going to Crown Court to settle their claim? I can only imagine the palputations that Eagle Star are having it will be years before they see any money.

Chin up

Jon S

-- Jon S (jks_uk2001@yahoo.co.uk), December 22, 2001


I think you have misunderstood something here - only Criminal Cases which are too srious to be dealt with by the Magistrates, or where the defendant on a criminal charge has elected to be tried, are heard at Crown Courts.

You probably mean the County Court - now not all of these are always available for hearing possession claims, or it may be that there is some complication which requires your case to be heard by a judge sitting in open court rather than chambers.

Whatever you are facing - get a solicitor, the fees will pay dividends if there are any "holes" in the case. Costs are strictly limited and there are no "open chequebooks" for costs nowadays - so the experience might not be as horrendous as you think.

-- David J. Button (davidjohnbutton@supanet.com), December 23, 2001.

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