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Below is a fascinating new book you may want to consider receiving under the Christmas Tree next week. The author is a distinguished law professor @ Harvard and former clerk to the late US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. You can learn more by visiting QED

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2001


For your convenience, here the link.

In Excellence,

-- Anonymous, December 23, 2001

Thanks Bill for the heads up on this new book. I'm looking forward to it being in book stores during mid January. I'm anxious to see just how the author develops the use/non-use of the word.

I must admit, the word, at one time, was an active part of my own vocabulary, but "grace" seems to have removed it. I cannot remember the last time I've used the word.

Not long ago, one of my grands (he's 15) used it in my presence, and it just got on my last nerve. We sat down and talked about the word, it's meaning, it's use, his feelings, etc.

Yes, I think it's a book that needs to find it's way into black homes.

Rev. J

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

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