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I never used Canon until 2 weeks ago, when I bought a mint Canon EOS 10. The price was fair and camera come with an 28-80 Canon USM III lens and original manuals too. I serched on web about this camera but I didn't find it to much about it. So, please, anybody can tell me if it is a good reliable camera. I'm a beginner and I intend to shot sceneries and portraiture for my familly. Important to me isn't how easy can I work with it (I think I can adapt on any camera) but how robust is it and how reliable it is. Excuse my bad english.

-- Claudiu Enescu (claul@rol.ro), December 21, 2001


Following site has detailed instructions on EOS 10:




has comments on the camera.

-- Derek Linney (dlinney@aol.com), December 21, 2001.

Thank you for url.

-- Claudiu Enescu (claul@rol.ro), December 21, 2001.

Great camera. Called the 10s in North America. You might have better luck searching for info using that name. They have all been used for some years now, and are generally very reliable. They have a good autofocusing system & lots of options with all the custom functions.

The one reliability problem you might run into is the shutter blades getting sticky. There was a problem with the upper shutter bumper dissolving, probably due to years of exposure to air pollution & heat. If your camera has this problem you will see what looks like a shiny black, dried grease in the upper left corner of the shutter blades. It gradually gets worse & starts to impede the movement of the shutter blades. Canon recommends replacing the shutter assembly, but the stuff can be cleaned off with lighter fluid or alcohol.

-- Jim Strutz (j.strutz@gci.net), December 21, 2001.

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