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I just purchased a Mint Condition Canon EOS 10S and am wondering if there is a battery pack made for it like the one I have with my Rebel G that runs on 4 AA Batteries?

-- T. E. McKnight (, December 20, 2001


Nope, there ain't no fancy pants vertical release/battery pack for the 10S, but there is a grip extension if you can find one. The grip extension makes holding the camera a little easier and includes a tripod socket (unlike the grip extension for the Elan) and loops for a hand strap.

The 10S was the first EOS camera with really good AF and still holds its own against newer models. It's similar in features to your Rebel G, kind of a Rebel G on steroids with the 5 FPS film advance, red AF confirmation, higher flash sync, bar code programming, custom functions, RC-1 remote release and intervalometer. I wish I could find a minty one, especially the limited model in sliver with matching 35-135 USM lens. I lost mine in Korea during the mid-90s.

-- Puppy Face (, December 20, 2001.

Very few accessories were made specifically for the EOS 10, sadly.

-- NK Guy (, December 21, 2001.

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