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Can older brass engines be equipped with DCC? What needs to be done? I have several old brass locomotives that I want to update.

-- Perry Smith (, December 20, 2001


Response to Using DCC on older equipment

DCC can, in theory at least, be installed in any loco. However, brass locos can be difficult.

1) The motor MUST be isolated from ALL OTHER WIRING. Often, brass locos use the structure for one motor connection. This same structure is often used for one track connection as well. You'll have to investigate each piece and figure out out to break the connection between the motor and anything else. If you don't do this, you will fry a decoder.

2) A lot of brass stuff doesn't run all that well. You'll need to do some mechanical work to get the stuff running well on DC BEFORE you convert to DCC. DCC can't make a poorly running loco run better, it only adds the ability to run multiple locos on the same track and adds accessory control.

-- George Schreyer (, December 24, 2001.

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