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Well, I'm putting the finishing touches on my Christmas present to the family this year. I've made us a web page, with a couple of interactive bells and whistles, like a forum (similar to my "Daily Tales", for you and I, where these little notes get stored) that's devoted mostly to the Beal Mobile, and talk of a family reunion, with a couple of add-a-link gizmos - that sort of thing.

I call it the Beality Page, for we're all a little obsessed with ourselves, and I figure we might as well pool the obsession, and even commodify it a bit. "Beality - it's not for everybody" - you know, that sort of thing. Actually, we're really a frighteningly normal bunch, if you don't count my stepmother, who *is* the reincarnated sister of John the Baptist. We're not too dysfunctional (well, we put the "fun" back in "dysfunction"), but we're not too connected right now, while getting to the ages where connection is returning to a place of importance in our stories of things. That makes me glad.

I figure the page will be especially useful for the college kids, and so I'm going to try to get them to use the forum as an interactive place. Well, "try to get" is probably a misnomer. I'm going to put it up, use it myself, show the kids some tricks (but not too many) and see what happens.

Mother's getting more comfortable with being on-line (was this what happened when the telephone was invented?) and so I'm starting to forward her a couple of the articles that I get from non-traditional sources. I'm going to put some news links into the Forum so she'll have some news sources to tap into other than the mainstream line.

She's actually a pretty worldly person. She stays somewhat current on events as they're fed to her by the normal media, so she's not a total bon-bon couch cushion. She spent a number of years as what would probably be called a "corporate diplomat's" wife. Her second husband did a lot of travelling for the aerospace firm he worked for. His job was to sell rocket projects (mom had a thing for rocket guys) to NASA and other governments' aerospace or aeronautical departments.

Since mom was a lovely woman, and very nicely mannered while being a hoot, and plain speaking to boot, he took her to a lot of places, primarily out of the country. Her style may not have gone over amongst the Nouveau Riche in America (for she just didn't do the name or label dropping thing that well, at least, not back then), but I know they really liked her in Argentina and Brazil, for they went there quite a bit.

They worked as a team, the way husbands and wives used to, and I think I've mentioned to you in the past how much that shaped me. It hasn't been easy growing up in this feminist time as an outspoken Southern woman who was raised to be a partner to a husband, but happens to have had a wild tomboy streak that ended any chance of a respectable match years ago. I suppose I'll never get over the consequences of being a man-loving tomboy who wants to be treated like a woman.


Unfortunately, Christine says that my astrology is about leaving the old partnership model behind and making room for a new one - at least, that my chart makes it clear that I have to be doing *my* thing fully, and that most of my chart's energy is actually concentrated in the next years of my life (I have a classic "late bloomer" chart), manifesting my own work instead of someone else's, for that *is* what mother did, to a large extent, and I suppose I don't have to go exactly *there*.

She says that the desire to partner is a legitimate force that I will need to honor, because I have a lot of Libra, and all of my selfish Aries planets are partying in the house of Relationship, so I naturally put my primary focus in a one-on-one relationship, with lots of deep but relatively loose peripheral connections.

But I think she's suggesting that, rather than do the woman thing of supporting my man's rise in the outward world, she thinks that I'm going to have a partner who's going to enjoy working to support whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing.

This would be odd, and certainly surprising, completely unexpected, and maybe even hard to accept, since I've just spent years and years with fellows who wanted nothing to do with what I was doing. Go figure.

I suppose this would be par for the funiverse though, wouldn't it? Make the girl write on the cosmic blackboard ten thousand times "Don't ask him to participate", and then trot in someone who wants to participate, and see if I'm paying attention (not that someone like that has come along, mind you - we're strictly in fantasy astrology land, here - but it's supposed to be up ahead, in the cards...I'm game...)

She also says that I'm getting ready to have a LOT of fun. Well, actually, she says that the Pluto conjunct Saturn transit (yours just finished, I think, but don't know your birth time/place so can't be sure) coming into my chart in the next two years can suck more than gravity, because Pluto likes to go out, always, dramatically, in a blaze of Glory, and Saturn likes to prove it to Pluto that it really is just a slow grind to fine powder, no matter what sort of flair you strive to bring to your meteor's fall.

I asked her how to navigate the transit of these two less-than-auspicious forces in need of masterful reframing (for I find the metaphors extremely useful), and she said that the only way through it was to recalibrate my take on Death (rather important right now), and to prepare to have an extraordinarily youthful - in fact, messianically youthful - rest of my life.


It's now almost 9. I was going to go wander around and see the night sights, but I think I'm just going to hang out in my nest and perhaps do some payroll accounting (it's payday tomorrow - again - how do they get here so fast?). So much for messianically youthing it up. Dang! Saturn's going to get me for this. You'll have to help me make up for it later, ok?

You must be in Pinedale about now. What are you up to? Are you spending time with any family there? Are you getting any down time? I hope you're going to be able to put your feet up, and close your eyes, and just let everything fall away for a little while. Sometimes I imagine ...

Well, I won't go there...

Dig around in your mail pile if you haven't already - I sent a letter with a few photos weeks and weeks ago. Pour yourself a glass of something and write when you get a chance. I like your words just as much as you like mine - you lift my heart.

love to you,

541-685-2585, anytime. really.

PLUR. Remember PLUR



-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

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