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I'm looking for a good lab in San Francisco to process 120 mm color negatives. The New Lab does a great job with chromes, but doesn't process 120 mm color negatives. Professional Color Lab went out of business, and, in my experience, their quality had been deteriorating. Any good recommendations, hopefully close to the downtown business district? I'd just like to get back very clean negatives.

-- Howard Slavitt (, December 19, 2001


Robyn Color on Harrison and 4th. Dip and dunk. Two hour turn-around available.

-- Allan Fontanilla (, December 19, 2001.

Although not in San Francisco, there is a lab in Dublin, CA that I use:

Custom Photographic Services 6948-B Sierra Court Dublin, CA 94568 925/828-6000

CPS is an excellent all-around pro lab. They do about 95% of my work. Fast turnaround on E-6 processing of all sizes.

For processing & proofing color negatives I use:

E & J Photo Lab 7748 Dublin Blvd Dublin, CA 94568 925/829-0222

E&J seems to have a wider selection of papers & sizes for proofing than CPS. They also sell film, paper, albums, filing pages & a few other similar items. (Not broad in scope like a camera store.)

-- Ted Brownlee (, December 28, 2001.

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