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What does the poem "eulalie" suggest about love and loss?...and how would i know...what eviidence is there...???

can u clearly explain the situtation of the poem..? does 'Eulalie" die in the poem..if she does what evidence is there...?

and in the third line of the poem..there is a metaphore...can you clearly explain it to me..??

please help me I know u have a lot of other things to do but i really do need help...

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2001


I believe Eulalie as orignally written was in stark contrast to Poe's usually unhappy losses in love. Eulalie(Virginia) is his sustaining bride at that time. In later poems when his wife IS dead he still defiantly seeks to retain the saving union, but the matter and tone is quite different.

Soul WAS a stagnant tide describes his dead end decay in life love and art before his bride appeared. Curious, in that tide means change while stagnant cancels out the dynamism."The City in the Sea". The ultimate horror of Silence(see other tales and poems about that), while Eulalie is revealed as the actualization of the ideal he symbolized in "To Helen" as a shining female goddess or muse.

So poised hopeless on the brink of change(stagnant tide) she brings new hope and life. The ties to past and future poems bode ill for Eulalie- in our hindsight of course, but the future as stated in this poem still contains normal hope.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

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