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I've been toying around with making a svcd from an AVI file captured with an ATI all-in-wonder capture card. I am encoding the avi through TMPGEnc 2.02 using the standard SVCD NTSC format that TMGPE has listed in the dropdown list and burning the disc using NTI CD Maker 2000 professional's SVCD cd creation software.

The disc will not play in my computers DVD drive using Power DVD software. My computer is has a Thunderbird 1.33 gig processor with 512mb ram. What am I doing wrong? I am able to make a vcd using the same technique but only when i use the TMPEGnc. VCD NTSCfilm format.

Any help would be appreciated.

-- G Kimbrough (, December 19, 2001


It's hard to say. It's possible that you did not make the SVCD properly, although I doubt it. I know nothing about your burning software and can't comment on it, but what you did in TMPGenc should be OK. PowerDVD does not understand SVCD format. Well, version 3.x and below didn't. I don't have version 4.0, so I can't comment on that. Put PowerDVD in file play mode, change to the drive that has the SVCD, change to the MPEG2 or MPEGAV directory (MPEG2 is standard, but some programs create the non-standard MPEGAV directory to hold the video file), and play the AVISEQ01.DAT file. PowerDVD does understand VCD format which is why it autoplays. Actually it will play SVCDs, you just have to manually load the video file like I explained above.

-- Jason (, December 19, 2001.

Power DVD 4.0 autoloads the svcds for me...

-- Anakin (, August 15, 2002.

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