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What is the maximum capture resolution of an ATI All-In-Wonder (NOT the Pro, the original 1997-vintage AIW)? I set up VirtualDub and the HuffYUV codec on my brother's box, and the largest it seems to capture is 352x240. Is that in fact the max size or is there another setting we may have overlooked?

-- Frank G (, December 19, 2001


What version of MMC are you running? Version 7.0 and prior can only do 352x240 for AVI capture. Version 7.1 and above can do 720x480. The only way to do anything bigger than 352x240 in AVI capture is to upgrade the version of MMC. You will also have to update the video drivers. has some suggestions on doing the upgrade. I strongly suggest you follow them. It involves removing the old drivers completely and installing new ones. People who have not followed this procedure and have simply upgraded on top of what was already installed have often reported problems. By the way it is possible to capture MPEG-1/2 video at higher resolutions than 352x240 with MMC 7.0 and less, it's only AVI that's restricted and it has something to do with the older ATI drivers themselves.

-- Jason (, December 19, 2001.

Thanks Jason, I'll pass that information on to him. His Windows 98 setup is a little squirrely right now plus he has upgrade-itis so may be moving to an Athlon at some point, then he can try new drivers from the get-go. Anyway, he's just getting started in video so we'll stick to VCD resolution till he gets comfortable with that.

-- Frank G (, December 21, 2001.

Installing the DirectX 8.1 with included Video Update... and then MCC 7.5 gives me a capture size of 720x576. I have written a guide to this here! I have a ATI AIW Radeon 32 DDR

hope it help the ones with problems!

-- Lars Netzel (, May 10, 2002.

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