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I wish to know if the Horseman bag bellows will fit the Sinar F+, since it seems they have the same size. What happens with the lensboards? Are there any other non-sinar parts that can fit the F+? Where can I download documentation on this model?

Thanks for any help!!!

-- Paulo K. Ogino A. (, December 17, 2001


I have the Sinar F2 and use a Horseman bag bellows and a Horseman lens board. The Horseman items appear to be just slightly thicker in the area that is held by the standards. It may just be that they have a straight edge on the internal surface whereas the Sinar has every edge cut or molded with a chamfer. Either way, the Horseman items work just fine. The Bromwell brand lens boards work very well and are about a third the price of Sinar or Horseman lens boards.

-- Dave Schneider (, December 17, 2001.

I have several lens boards made by a company called MC. These fit both the Sinar and Horseman cameras. They are very well made and cost a fraction of the price of the Horseman or Sinar boards. I bought mine used at Ken Hanson's Photo in NYC. I'm not sure if they are still made, though.

-- Ted Kaufman (, December 18, 2001.

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