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All I need is a short critique on the pit and the pendulum. Unfortunately, I need it fast. (By tommorrow, actually) Length is not a factor. 3-4 sentances is fine. Thanks a bunch!

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001


Read the story. Just a few thoughts to help. Pit AND Pendulum- the double trap, the device not too well noted of the double ending just when you thought you were safe method. THis renews and raises the horror to a new level so carefully built up to the first climax. At this point no description of the Pit is given or necessary- it is now all reduced to the pure psycholof=gical state. That leads to another observation of the heroism of the mind battling darkest, most hopeless situation and terror with reason. At the end he still has a grim choice and is sane enough to make it. The theme of time(wasted, enemy, growing restrictions, death) and measurement focus on this mind war. Buried alive(shrouds and darkness of the tomb, the rats and descending scythe of time.

The narrator is alond, the tormentors outside and controlling(as in Poe's life the idea of hostile universe and struggle). The reduction of all sensory data and descriptions to the claustrophobic arena while the mind is pushed to its limits. And he does lose consciousness, hope and raves, but finally outthinks the trap.

The end. Too easy? Poe could have ended the story at the Pit though his hero was still strong enough to act. He might have wanted to let his readers stew over a cliffhanger. Could have ended it in tragedy. Whatever the reason he rushes to wrap it up leaving the reader unsatisfied. Ultimately the narrator failed though his will and reason remained intact for a personal victory. Poe himself could hardly bear the idea of such negativism but the rescue seems a bit contrived.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

it stinks!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2004

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