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Did anybody receive any damage from the wind storm last night..I hope not, but I got my share in more ways than one. First the storm ripped my POW-MIA flag off my pole but left my American flag hanging loose..Then it tore some of the siding off the East side of my house.. And last but not least on the way home from my sons house a tree fell across the road in front of us and took the right fender off the car...But lucky we had our seats belts on as we slid into the guard rail..But the car is still driveable although we can't use the passager side door...Thank God nobody was hurt and my son was behind us to help put the car back on the road...... Radar

-- Robert (, December 15, 2001


Robert I am so glad you were not hurt out in the storm. I am not sure where you are, but we had one wild northern blast here on the North Pacific.

Our power was out for 18 hours and the wind sounded like a freight train going over the house. Several trees were down on the roads, but most people carry chainsaws when they travel around here.

During this storm, there was also extreme high tide, but I was too chicken to go to the beach to watch. I would've had to drive through old growth rain forest to get there. I am not that brave.

When these storms are forecast, we get our chores done early and we stay indoors and watch trees try to touch their toes.

-- Laura (, December 15, 2001.

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